André Richard is from the Atlantic Canada, land of Trees and Snow. He’s currently working on assorted superhero pencil samples, and plans for many cute webcomics. If you’re interested in publishing his original comics or are looking for an illustrator/comic artist for a different project, you can contact Andre via jeeperscomics @

André drew Jeepers for over seven years for Girlamatic, a webcomics anthology website from early 2000’s. You can check out the entire archive of it on this website. Other early webcomics include the unfinished webcomic Chateau Wonderful, also archived here. Newer webcomics Horse & Cat and FX Stance are serialized on this website as new pages are completed, with plans for new series to be added soon.

André created the mascot of an anime convention, Aphra of the Seven Stars, who has appeared in assorted comics, t-shirts, and other convention related merchandise. He’s also drawn the 24 Hour comic Ohayo! Tanuki-Chan, a comic strip in university called Mouffette Machine, a Lil’Mel short story, some Narbonic guest strips, and maintains a DeviantArt gallery. Tumblr and Instagram account where you can check out more recent illustrations.