Juliet Walters – Having moved from her smalltown to the big city, Juliet’s fresh out of school and ready to take the world on. Will she be able to make it in this business on pure gumption alone?

Rose MacAllister – The most sensible resident of the Chateau, this Canadian songstress was a one-hit wonder back in the day, and has parlayed that success into a decent career as a nightclub singer, while keeping her eye out for another chance to make it big.

Mme.Giselle – A reclusive Hollywood legend who retired early in her career, her odd behaviour often confuses her tenants


Eunice – Full of bravado, and more than a smidgen of ego, Eunice has apparently been on the big screen with numerous stars and starlets. Though the extent of these appearances is often overstated. She’s a world class star, even if the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet.