Bio: Jeepers is a bunny, who lives in the Magical Valley our cast calls home. Splitting time between a job a bakery and her warren, Jeepers seems unphased by the strange occurances that are everyday events in the valley, from the summoning of undead divas, to cross-dressing hamsters who want to marry your best friend.

Jeepers family includes her cousins Creepers and Peepers, her pet Spike the Dragon, and her best friend is Spunky the Evil Hamster. Hobbies include comics, cleaning, baking, knitting and the occasional RPG.

Little Witch Girl Mary
Little Witch Girl Mary first met Jeepers when her familiar Fred crossed into the Valley’s realm to stalk his childhood friend and fiance Spunky. Mary has since proved a good friend to Jeepers and Co., always getting them out of trouble, though she seems to cause trouble just as often. Like most magical girls, she carries a wand, though unlike other Mahou-shojo, she has mad necromancy skills.

Living with her family, including cranky teenager Hildegarde [who takes after their father lookswise], she attends a finishing school for young monsters, where a talent show lead to Jeepers and Sprinkles getting stuck in a monster-populated land.